The Ivy League

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The Salinas Rodeo in July is my all-time favorite. The coastal California weather is unbeatable at that time of year and the rodeo itself, over 100 years old, is rich in tradition, history and uniqueness. It doesn’t hurt that the Goob and I have done well there over the last couple of years either…

In 2015 he and I made the best run we’ve put down on the track to date. We were pulled over to the side and I was taking his boots off, still puffing from our run, my heart pounding from the thrill and excitement of hearing “new leader on the track”. I looked up just in time to see a little sorrel horse on a march toward the pattern. That was the best way to describe it. It was a confident march…a winning walk that looked more than determined.


Just a Funny Friday

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I had a tough day the other day. Had to actually throw away a couple pairs of pants I’ve been packing around for a decade and accompanied that with just as many ratty t-shirts. I said a few words and asked my Montana friend if she would go shopping with me. She agreed. Our first stop was Teskeys where I successfully picked up numerous items for each and every horse. Exciting things like hobbles, chins straps, fly spray a muck bucket, sweat scraper and a few extra sets of water ties. (more…)

Stress Causes Growth

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“Stress…causes…growth” he says.

I happened to be looking straight down at my saddle horn at that very moment.

“Stress, causes growth” he says again and my eyes go from my saddle horn to my belly. Keeping my chin down I raise my eyes to look at him glaringly through my eyelashes.  “No kidding” I tell him. He rolls his head back and laughs as he tells me that’s not quite what he had meant. (more…)